KEY SCRIPTURE- Matthew 25:14-30

Pastor Gabriel NgugiLife Celebration Centre- Nakuru

We are all given different abilities through the grace of God. It is therefore important that we become good stewards of the abilities given to us by God.

Unfortunately, we neglect and fail to use the abilities God has given us when we have the opportunity.

As a result, there are outcomes of our actions:

  1. We Experience Hardships.
One experiences hardship when they neglect what they could do. In the Bible for example, Jonah underwent through hardship when he disobeyed God.

2. We Experience Delay.

The Israelites, example, spent 40years wandering in the desert causing delay.

  1. We Miss Our Opportunities. (Deuteronomy 35:51)

4.We Experience Jealousy. (Gen 4:7)

Cain, was jealous over Abel’s offering to God and eventually killed him.
  1. We Blame Authority.
In Genesis 3:12, we see Adam blaming Eve after he ate the forbidden fruit.

6. We Become Critics.

We therefore must be watchful of the following hindrances to doing what we can:
  1. Excuses. (Luke 14:18)

2. Doing Comparisons: comparing yourself with others.

We ought not to compare ourselves with others as God uses our unique abilities for his Glory.


  • Start here and now. (Mark 15:43-46)
  • Start with what you have. (2 Kings 4:2)
  • Willingness of the heart. (Exodus 25:2)
  • Stay focused. (Hebrews 12:1)
  • Align yourself with the will of God. (John 5:19)


  • You get protection from God. (Mark 14:3-9, John 15:2)
  • You become part of the divine plan of God.

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